About Us

Oliver Consulting, S.C, is a Firm incorporated in 2004 that includes professionals specialized in international tax matters. In addition to public accountants, the Firm also employs economists, which allow us to provide a wide array of comprehensive and diverse services. Our professionals have vast professional experience in the private and public sectors.

Oliver Consulting, S.C, is member firm of Morison Global as well as part of Grupo KMC.

Morison Global is an international association of independently owned and operated professional firms. Professional services are provided by individual member firms. Morison Global does not provide professional services in its own right. No member firm has liability for the acts or omissions of any other member firm arising from its membership of Morison Global.

Morison Global’s objective is to provide its members and their clients with comprehensive access to high-quality professional services in key markets around the world. Its global reputation brings trust and confidence to the markets in which it serves.  Members provide core services of accounting, audit and tax and have capabilities in complementary services such as corporate finance, advisory, consulting and law.  Morison Global’s firms are leaders in their professional communities. They aim to constantly improve their firms and strengthen their clients’ position. Morison Global is proud of our community’s culture: supportive, inclusive, professional and always friendly.  With members in 74 countries, Morison Global is truly international. From well‑established market leaders in key economic centres to dynamic, young, forwardthinking firms in newly developed markets – Morison Global is a rich, diverse and dynamic community able to meet complex global client requirements.

Previously the members of our Firm actively collaborated in two of the Big Four Accounting firms, and in the Mexican Tax Administration Service, or SAT.  For more than eleven years, our Managing Partner, Gabriel Oliver, MBA, worked for the Mexican Government and acted as the Mexican Competent Authority for international tax matters for more than six years, with a special focus on transfer pricing issues. Also, Mr. Oliver represented the Mexican Government before the Multinationals’ Taxation Working Group of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (WP6, OECD, Paris).

In this regard, our professional experience has been analyzed by several international organizations with worldwide recognition. An example at hand is the full-peer review carried out by the OECD in 2003 on transfer pricing practices implemented in Mexico. Back then our Managing Partner was in charge of the SAT area that supervised the execution and administration of pricing transfer practices implemented in Mexico, which were the subject matter of that review.  It should be noted that this review was the first of its kind implemented by the OECD at a global level for one of its member states. Results were positive overall.

For more information on the report issued by the OECD, go to:

Accordingly, the experience of our members is now a platform supporting the services that our Firm provides to our clients. We have clients served by diverse practices, including the accounting, financial and tax. Such clients participate in diverse industrial sectors such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, lodging, food, mining, printed media, franchising, chemical, distribution, services, software and information technology, automotive, banking and insurance, just to name a few.


One of the basic values of our firm, customized support for our clients from our partners and associates at all times, translates into high-quality, reliable and timely services.